“We are amazed at what you could do … Also, you are one of the clearest writers it has been my pleasure to encounter in my life …  Thank you for making the confusion clear.” 

-Margaret and Michael

“Switzerland! The land of my Mother’s Remund ancestors! Our Genealogist, Karynne Moses, worked tirelessly to find Remund relatives that still live in the small village my Great-Great Grandfather Fredrick Remund Senior lived in and left when he joined our church and immigrated in Utah in 1875. Our common ancestor is my 3rd great grandfather. Our amazing Genealogist arranged for us to meet in the actual church our ancestors were christened in and worshipped in, and in true Remund fashion we sang! We then drove and saw land that was Remund land and even their forest!! The house is the house of a 5th great grandfather! An amazing week of all of us!!”


“Karynne is an AMAZING teacher! I learned so much in my hour session! I’d always been interested in family history and I’d get online and dink around for a few minutes trying to figure out what I was supposed to do and then get frustrated and give up. There’s still a lot to learn, but now I feel confident in getting started and have been able to find several of my ancestors that had been “lost”! It’s so exciting!! I highly recommend Moses Genealogy as a place where you can find your ancestors!!”


“On behalf of Friends of Chrisholm Historic Farmstead located in southwest Ohio I engaged the services of Karynne Moses to transcribe and translate an antique book. The book, printed in 1838, was in German, printed in the old German Fraktur style. The book contains a religious treatise that is regarded as historically significant as an artifact of the Amish settlement in Butler County, Ohio in the early nineteenth century.

We are very pleased with the result of this project. The transcription is accurate and translation is very well done. It turned out that the German language used in this work was archaic and Mrs. Moses used available resources to make sense of it. The book contained many biblical quotes and citations. Mrs. Moses researched these to be sure of accuracy in translations. Some of these citations could not be found as they had chapter and verse references that can no longer be found, even in historical bibles that exist today. Mrs. Moses made it very clear in the final presentation which citations had been found as well as those that were found with different chapter-verse reference and those that could not be found. Her research into these matters was very thorough and well done.

Throughout the project communication was very good. We were appraised of progress on a regular basis. Invoices for hours spent on the work were clear. I found Mrs. Moses to be very conscientious regarding the achievement of our goal for fair compensation. I would highly recommend Karynne Moses to others.

Sincerely yours,

Bryant, volunteer with Friends of Chrisholm”

“This is so exciting! I just got home and opened your email and was amazed at how much  you have accomplished in such a short time.”


“Karynne, Thank you so much for taking down my biggest wall!”

-Jeri 2021

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