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Höllenpein is a 93-page sermon on Hell. Its origin is undetermined, but it was used by Christian Augsburger, the leader of a Mennonite congregation in Ohio in the mid-19th century.

Portuguese Articles

Karynne was a part of the “Mormon Insights” translation team for Portuguese articles during her time as a student at Brigham Young University. Below is a list of articles she translated:

“What’s the Secret to Scripture Study?” by Alison Brimley

“Qual é o Segredo para o Estudo das Escrituras?”

“Seek Learning by Faith” by Carissa Burton

“Buscar a Aprendizagem pela Fé”

“Emergency Prep 101: Six Tips” by Angela Marler

“Preparação Básica para Emergências: Seis Dicas”

“Is What You’re Feeling Guilt or Shame?” by Mark T. Hales

“Voceê está Sentindo Culpa ou Vergonha?”

“What’s so Great about Prayer?” by Mark T. Hales

“O que há de tão Fascinante na Oração?”

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