Learn With Me!

For the do-it-yourselfers out there, I am giving a free online lecture series. German Research for the Everyday American is hosted by the Lakes Region Genealogy Interest Group and the Wolfeboro Public Library. Yes, these are in New Hampshire, but this good ol’ pandemic has made quite a few things more accessible.

If you are just hearing of this now, you have already missed part 1, but I’ve got your back. Here is the link to watch “Meyer, Mayer, Meier. Where Are You From?” the segment about finding your German hometown in American records and determining spelling variations.

So, when and where can you see the rest of it? Here’s the schedule for the next two segments:

Part 2: Not Quite Hieroglyphs. Reading the Old German Handwriting     April 21 2021 7pm EDT, 5pm CMT.

Part 3: Come Sail Away. Finding your Ancestors in German Records  May 19 2021 7pm EDT, 5pm CMT

You’ll need to sign up in advance, so let my friend Dee know if you are interested by e-mailing lakesrgig17@gmail.com

I will also be offering free 30-minute consultations for attendees, so stay to the end to access the schedule. Hope to see you there!

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